The frame of your window provides structural support and helps keep out drafts. It also keeps the glass in place so that when you open or close your windows they operate smoothly and easily.


A good quality replacement window from Ecoview Windows of Milwaukee will have a strong, sturdy frame made from high-quality materials like vinyl, wood, aluminum or fiberglass. We carry frames with reinforced corners and sashes—these will help prevent warping over time.

The window frame is the connection between the glass and the home itself. A cheap frame leads to air leakage and poor overall performance.


If you’re looking for a window that will keep water out of your home, then look no further.

Water sills are designed to allow water to drain from the bottom of the frame and away from the structure. They also help prevent water from entering through cracks or openings in the sill area.

Vinyl windows with sills have been proven time and again as an effective way to manage moisture inside your home. When you choose vinyl windows with sills, you can rest assured knowing that they’ll be doing their job keeping your family safe and dry for years to come!


Do you know what the best insulated door in your home is?

It’s not the front door, or any of the other doors. The best insulated door in your home is actually inside your freezer! If you could peel off that face and look at it, you would find polyurethane insulation.

Polyurethane insulation has been used for decades to insulate homes because it works so well. It keeps heat out when it’s cold outside and keeps heat in when it’s hot outside. In fact, if you have a foam-insulated wall or ceiling, then there’s probably some polyurethane insulation right behind it!

Polyurethane insulation is the most popular choice for window frames today. It has a higher R-value per inch than polystyrene and it doesn’t have any of the drawbacks that styrofoam does.

The biggest benefit to using polyurethane as an insulator in vinyl replacement windows is its ability to resist moisture absorption over time. This means that your home will stay warmer during cold weather months and cooler during hot summer days because there won’t be condensation on or inside your window frame due to temperature changes in your home or outdoors. There also won’t be mold growth inside the frame when humidity levels rise above 50%. Polyurethane can even help prevent condensation from forming on the outside of a window if it gets too cold by absorbing some heat before it reaches the glass surface itself! That’s why we use this type of insulation at our manufacturing facility for all our products! We recommend you do too!

We are a family-owned business that has been installing quality frames for over 30 years, so we know what it takes to make a great product that will last for generations! Our windows and frames can be seen in hundreds of home throughout Milwaukee.  You can trust our experience!

We also provide financing for our window projects.  Just contact us today for the latest rates and promotions.

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