Creating A Home Office

At the given moment, most people are working remotely without an exact end date in sight, so a home office or designated working space may ultimately become just as indispensable as a kitchen or bathroom. According to TJ Staudt, owner of Ecoview Windows of Milwaukee, home offices have become a staple. “Even as business and offices reopen in and around Milwaukee, many businesses have made a shift to a work-from-home hybrid model that only requires employees to come into the office a few days a week or not at all.”

Make sure your home office has enough natural light.  Working in a dimly lit room will curb your creativity.  Consider adding a picture window to add enough light to keep you motivated.  Or, add a patio door to give you instant access to the outdoors when you need a break.

Home office



If there are no plans to stay in your current home for more than five years, EcoView recommends a fresh coat of paint to give your space a whole new look and feel.  We know several great interior painters here in the Milwaukee.  Just call us for a recommendation.

Not sure what colors you want to use? Ask yourself how you want to feel in the room you’re painting. Lighter colors like white or cream can make your room feel much bigger.  Darker colors like blue or brown can make a room feel much smaller – yet cozier.

Updating Your Kitchen

A great kitchen is usually the #1 selling point of any house on the market here in Milwaukee.  However, the pandemic has made the kitchen even more important than before. “This means that having a kitchen that is both functional and beautiful is very important as the family members tend to gather often in this room,” says TJ Staudt, owner of Ecoview Windows in Milwaukee.  “The kitchen has become a place to cook food, talk about the day’s events, and even operate as a home office with the kitchen table.”

Of course, the right replacement windows can bring a whole new look to your kitchen, too.  Consider adding a casement window that will allow the light to shine in while giving you a place to showcase plants and other ornaments.  Or, add a sliding window which is easy to open and close depending on the Milwaukee weather outside.

Sprucing Up Outdoor Space 

Outdoor space is more important than ever due to COVID.  “Prior to the pandemic, many people’s back yards and patios paled in comparison to the rest of their home,” says Staudt.

However, times have changed. “In today’s environment, outdoor space is a premium that should not be overlooked.  We suggest adding a sliding patio door or a swinging French door to give you easy access to your outdoor sanctuary.”

Outdoor space is more important than ever right now.

Need some other ideas for sprucing up your back yard or patio?   “Hire one of the many great landscapers in the Milwaukee area to make sure your dreams come true.”

outdoor space

Make Better Use of Space

Many Milwaukee homeowners have space in their homes that they either don’t use or under use.  TJ suggests rethinking how you use your current space.

“We offer bay and bow windows which can actually be used as a seat or book shelf” according to him.  “This gives you the ability to expand your room a little without having to do a room addition.”

Attic and garage spaces can also be worth renovating. “The garage could turn into an office or studio space, especially with the right windows to bring in the light,” he says.

Contact EcoView Windows of Milwaukee today to learn more about how to turn your home into your sanctuary!

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