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Solarflect Energy Packages

Each of EcoView’s exclusive Solarflect™ high-performance insulated glass packages is a combination of elements, each contributing to a superior insulating glass unit that may help to pay for itself through energy savings all year-round. Insulated glass units were initially just filled with air or dry nitrogen. It was later discovered that a dense, slow-moving gas would minimize the convection currents within the space and thereby reduce the transfer of heat. These inert, colorless, odorless and safe gasses substantially improve the thermal performance of a window. EcoView offers glass packages featuring 2 of the best performing super-insulating gasses.

Insulating Argon Glass

Argon gas is a colorless, odorless, nonflammable, nontoxic, and above all, safe inert gas that is heavier than air. When the air between two window panes is replaced with argon gas, the energy efficiency of the window increases. Additionally, it acts as a sound barrier to help make your home quieter

Low-E Glass

Created by applying multiple layers of microscopic, undetectable metallic coatings to the surface of a piece of flat, annealed glass. The metallic coating helps block out the solar energy in the summer, while accepting and retaining warm, short-wave solar rays in the winter. In the summer, Low-E glass filters long-wave solar radiation – reducing solar heat gain in your home as a result of the sun’s direct rays. In the winter, Low-E glass takes on two responsibilities: first it lets warm, short-wave rays into the home for natural warmth; then the Low-E glass helps block the warm air inside, rather than allowing it to escape through the pane, so your heating system runs less to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Warm Edge Spacer

A window’s spacer system, or the component that separates glass layers, is remarkably impactful on the energy efficiency of the entire unit. Our Warm-Edge Spacer is designed to block the path of escaping heat far more effectively, reducing condensation on winter glass. Non-conducive edges eliminate any glass-to-metal contact and contribute to a reduction of edge-of-glass temperatures. Featuring a unique U-channel design, these spacers are far more effective than their dated predecessors.

Benefits of Solarflect Glass Package

  • Improved winter and summer thermal comfort
  • Increased heating and cooling season energy and cost savings
  • Lower HVAC costs
  • Helps reduce window condensation and outside noise

Adding The Solarflect ENERGY STAR Package

Heat loss and gain through windows and doors account for up to 50% of a home’s heatingEnergy Star and cooling costs. Choosing an Energy Star Upgrade for your windows will help your home to maintain a more balanced and comfortable indoor climate while conserving energy costs and reducing your fossil fuel consumption. Not only is it good for consumers, but it’s good for the environment.

Solarflect with the Energy Star Upgrade features Low-E glass,insulating argon gas, an insulation-enhanced mainframe, and ThermD Stainless Steel Intercept Warm-Edge Spacer for even greater thermal efficiency with the unique Intercept design. Through its stainless steel alloy, ThermD advances performance to the highest level. Stainless steel – known for its unsurpassed strength, durability and resistance to corrosion – is also impervious to gas transmission, which improves insulating gas retention in the window unit and increases its overall thermal performance. The stainless steel spacer also incorporates flex, for low stress on the sealant bond to offset effects of temperature changes and helps to prevent seal failure. ThermD Stainless Steel Spacer delivers thermal performance, structural integrity and reliability to maximize your new window investment. Enhancing your home’s energy efficiency with the Energy Star Package will enhance year-round comfort and maximize your energy savings.

SolarFlect Triple Pane

Do you want to know the key to achieving maximum energy savings? The Ecoview SolarFlect triple-pane insulated glass package is the highest performing glass package available. SolarFlect Triple Pane incorporates the most advanced glass technology by featuring a triple-glazed unit with the PPG Intercept Warm-Edge Spacer System, two surfaces of Low-E glass, and two airspaces filled with super-insulating Krypton Gas.

Benefits of SolarFlect Triple Pane Glass Package:

  • Triple pane windows with 2 chambers of Krypton will insulate nearly 110% better than a double-pane unit with Argon gas.
  • Triple pane windows are naturally more soundproof.
  • The increased insulation from the added Krypton will reduce condensation on glass.
  • Some benefits can’t be quantified: On a winter night, you can sit comfortably beside a window with SolarFlect Triple Pane and look out at the scenery without getting chilly.

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