So, how can you tell whether or not the new replacement windows that you are thinking about for your home here in Milwaukee will truly fix the draftiness issue that you are experiencing?

Here are three ways to determine whether or not any window product that you are evaluating is going to fix your issue, or that window is a hole in your tire.

  • Sash slop—This is one of the easiest ways to evaluate. Take the double hung window sample that anyone brings in your home to demonstrate, lock it down and then try to move the sashes up and down. Any movement indicates “sash slop” and is a result of higher tolerances and lower quality requirements in the manufacturing process. It doesn’t take much to create a 1/16” gap.
  • Interlocking sashes—This is one of those situations that something that looks and sounds reasonable isn’t. The co dealers salesperson will show you, when closed, how the top and bottom sash “lock” together. They may even try an old trick where they stick a dollar bill in, close the sashes and ask you to try to pull the bill out. A closer look will reveal the problem with interlocking sashes—either edge. Due to the way a window is constructed the interlock can only go so far. The problem: the outside edges are where air typically comes in. Most of the products with interlocking sashes offer an extra “tell”—extra weatherstripping at the edges where the interlock stops.

Third party proofWindow products that provide the best air leakage results not only publish their numbers, but provide the contractors and home improvement providers that offer their product, third party validation of these numbers. It’s one thing to say you have great numbers in your company-produced literature, it’s another thing to provide third-party proof to allow a potential customer to easily verify what you are saying.

Contact us at Ecoview Windows today to learn more about energy efficient replacement windows.  With the cold weather in Milwaukee, we can cut your energy bill by up to 40%!

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